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Through the roof with satisfaction. They were able to get quality parts and geart labor. Also Dirks was able to shuttle me home and back to pick up my truck when they were done with the work. :)
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30K Service

You might feel like you just bought your car because the 30K mile mark can come along pretty quick. However, it is important at this point to take your vehicle in for a service visit and make sure everything is running like it should. Taking care of small maintenance items early on will prevent something major from costing you big time down the line. Instead of overpaying for this service visit at the dealership, bring your car to Dirks Automotive & Transmission in Oroville and get it done right for a good price.

We use a talented team of A.S.E. Certified Technicians to make sure that you job is completed correctly the first time. Anything we do on your car is backed by our warranty, so you can trust us with the confidence that your money is being well spent. Most often, a 30K mile visit is a minor one that only results in a few basic maintenance items being completed. However, with your car now inspected and tuned up, you can drive on with confidence knowing you have protected your valuable investment.

Call or stop by today to ask about setting up an appointment for a 30K mile service on your vehicle. We are open to all types of vehicles here at Dirks Automotive & Transmission, including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, and more. Stop the madness at the dealership and bring your vehicle to Dirks Automotive & Transmission today. We look forward to working with you soon, and please be sure to see the top of the page for any 30K service specials before you go.