Transmission Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I see an oil leak, can it wait to get repaired?

A leak from your transmission requires immediate attention. The transmission fluid is vital to keep your transmission running cool and to keep the internal parts lubricated and running smoothly. If you see more than a "softball" size puddle under your car, call us first before driving it any further. Catching and fixing a leak on your transmission can save you a major repair.

Q. My car won't move, do I need an overhaul?

If when you put the car in gear and nothing happens, it is certainly a sign that there is a problem with your transmission. Because many transmissions are controlled by computer electronics, it does not mean an overhaul or replacement transmission is the solution.

Q. Should I repair or replace the transmission?

Deciding on which would be better for you depends on what is wrong with the transmission you have. If your transmission can be repaired with a minor repair or overhaul it can be more cost effective then replacing your transmission. We help you make the best choice possible after we inspect your transmission.

Q. My dash has a warning light on, what does that mean?

There is a wide variety of warning lights from the different manufacturers of vehicles. Even if the car seems to be driving normally, a warning light is not to be ignored. Your on-board computer system is telling you there is a problem in the system. Taking action and getting the problem diagnosed and repaired early, can save you from a major repair.

Q. How long will it take to get a diagnosis?

For most problems, we can have an answer for you in just a couple of hours. Some computer and electrical related issues can take more time to pinpoint. To help you save time, we can schedule your visit and have you on your way quickly.

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